The post pandemic economy has opened up and once again, new investments have come to knock on our doors as possible opportunities. Land, the immovable asset that has long stood as a safer option when compared to stocks and bonds, continues to offer lucrative long term investment opportunities. With the impending inflation and recession trends predicted, the Indian public is caught amidst uncertainties as is the rest of the world.

In the light of the same, realtors may be innovating new investment choices for Indians today. Farmlands are in the urban dwellers’ reality, the most interesting investment opportunity. Deprived of nature, caught in the urban rush, and nostalgic for simplicity; farmlands are growing to become the choice that most seem to pick.

Why are Farmlands Gaining Momentum as a Choice of Investment?

  • Natural Buffer Against Inflation – Historically, like gold, farmlands have been identified to play the role of being natural fences and buffers against inflation. The prices of any profitable crop, serves the purpose of income when inflation hits an economy and subsequently, the land used for cultivating the same, increases in value alongside.
  • Source of Passive Income – Cultivation has been popularly known to have played the role of becoming a source of passive income for any landowner who has invested in farmland while earning alongside. In an urban investor’s world, a farmland has the potential to being a source of passive income that could be leveraged profitably.
  • Low Volatility Returns – Farmlands have been studied to generate 11% returns and appreciation value annually. The volatility of lands that can be cultivated upon is much lesser when compared to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.
  • Home Grown Produce for Personal Consumption – Resources that are cultivated and picked from the farm have paved the path for a niche market in the urban space today. Farm fresh produce is known to be fresh, healthy, and adds to culminate in a healthy and a sustainable lifestyle. To own farmlands means to own a reliable source of fresh produce for personal consumption.
  • Alternative Living Space – Farmlands, usually and often owned with a farmhouse,  makes for a great getaway and an alternate living space. When an urban dweller owns a farmland with a farmhouse, to plan weekends or invite guests to spend a weekend in a space away from the city, is a benefit in itself.

Farmlands make for a lucrative opportunity; a pleasant welcome into exploring the post pandemic investment gateways. As both urban dwellers and members of the country from all other regions, investing into farmlands is a great idea in the times of the now.

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